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Got a product that’s a gamechanger for B2B marketers? Are your services top-notch?  Check out your options below for getting them coverage with us.

Why partner with B2B Marketing Alliance?

The B2B Marketing Alliance is dedicated to elevating and enhancing the role of B2B marketers around the world, and by partnering with us, your products or services will be placed directly in the sights of a community driving that conversation.

You’ll gain direct access to:

  • A dedicated community of motivated B2B Marketers.
  • Exposure to a broad range of job roles, from the current C-Suite to future budget holders.
  • Networking at one of our virtual events.
  • Expanding your network globally, North America, Europe, LATAM, MENA, APAC—we’ve got it all covered.

How can we help?

Whether you’re targeting MNCs or emerging start-ups, in-house or agency marketers, or looking to develop new clients, we have a range of solutions depending on who you’re looking to meet.

🖥 Webinars

Check out the three levels of webinar sponsorship:

  1. Sponsored
  2. Premium
  3. Powerhouse

Whichever option you choose, we can guarantee you’ll walk away with a bank of qualified leads and increased brand awareness. Not bad, eh?

🎟 Virtual summits

Networking without the travel, it’s the new normal, right? Get access to a global audience of dedicated B2B marketers to promote your brand, highlight your product/services and increase your thought leadership status. All through a virtual summit, so no plane, train, automobile, bicycle, horse drawn cart, epic hike (etc.) required!

🔦 Content spotlight

Have something to share? Whether you want to refresh interest in an existing solution, highlight a new product launch, or showcase thought-leadership, our content spotlight helps increase your exposure. Share your content with us and we’ll get it published for the eyes of your target audience.

📝 White paper syndication

So you’ve poured all of your time and expertise into a brilliant white paper. Be a shame if the right people didn’t get to see it, eh? That’s where we come in!

We’ll promote your white paper in the right channels to get in front of the B2B marketers who need to know what your deal is.

Time to get involved

Interested? Get in touch with the team over on for more info and to chat next steps.